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I'm looking forward to meeting you and your little bub 


I allow up to four hours for a newborn session, this will vary with each baby. 

Could you please put bub in something easy to remove (nothing that goes over their head etc) that would make things work well if they are sleeping when you arrive. 

If you have a car seat that is remove-able, feel free to bring them in that, if they are already asleep.


Wear comfortable light weight clothing as the temperature of the studio is set to 28 Celsius. 

Pack a spare change of clothes just in case there are any little accidents.

Bring a pacifier-only if you are using one, as they can be very helpful during the session. 

Bring a bottle of water and snacks in case you get hungry throughout the session. 

If you are formula feeding, bring extra bottles just in case. 

For older siblings bring along a couple of their favorite toys or books to keep them entertained. 

If you would like to do family photos the best thing to bring is a black or white strappy (or short sleeved) top for you and a black or white T-shirt or polo for Dad.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all and I'd be happy to help.

Deb xx

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