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There is nothing sweeter in this world then seeing your newborn for the first time! The first moments go by in a blur and it's normal to be sore, tired and a little overwhelmed. Attending a photo shoot may not feel that appealing. But I have you covered. All that is required of you have to do is turn up, smile when needed and let us tend to your baby. We will make this a relaxing, low key experience. You will be forever thankful that you made the photoshoot once you receive your images! Those precious moments captured in time forever. 

The best time to book is early in your pregnancy so that you don't miss out. I will make a tentative booking based on your due date and then I will wait to hear from you when you arrive home from hospital with your new baby.

Babies are best photographed generally when they are under two weeks of age. Most of the newborns images you see on my website are of babies that are anywhere from 6-14 day of age. We can still get magical photos of your baby if they are a little older, but they won't be as deliciously squishy as a baby under two weeks old.


The session usually takes 3-4 hours, which gives us plenty of time for feeding and cuddles. Your newborn session will take place in my studio located in Andergrove.


The studio is full of props, to make sure your baby looks adorable and feels comfortable though out your session and accompanying change table.  At photos by Deb Gorton, I have an assistant present at the newborn session to assist with ensuring your baby's comfort and safety.


Siblings and parents are included in the newborn session and we especially love when grandparents join us. It is lovely to see multiple generations together.


I know this is a sensitive time and my aim is for you to sit back relax and enjoy the experience.

Deb xx 

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