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Milestone session can be done at any age, as your child grows and starts to learn new things. The most popular age is 6-7 months when your baby is just starting to sit but not crawling.  They are just happy that they can finally sit and see the world from that position!

But the biggest milestone is 12 months, you have made it! Through the sleepless nights, teething and all the other fun stuff in between, this is often celebrated with a cake smash, where everyone gets messy and has a lot of fun!  Be sure to book this one in!

Deb xx

the babys feet are wrapped around a blue cake with swirls on it, the feet have icing on them.
a one year old girl eating a purple and blue can in a tutu, with a head band on.
a standing one year old, decorated with pine cones and plants with a big one sign in the background.
a gorgeous little boy staring straight down the camera with big blue eyes.
a little girl eating the fruit off the top of her cake. dressed in a pink tulle skirt
little boy in a bubble bath, covered with chocolate icing.
one year old boy, sitting in a white wooden bowl with blue balloons and a one sign hanging behind him
a one year old little boy celerbrating his first birthday by smashing his blue cake.
a one year old boy reading a magazine with a tractor book and a farm animal farm sign.
a little boy with a fox balloon in the background, with him smiling and big blue eyes
a little boy outside in the garden,  smashing his cake with his face.
a 12 month old baby smiling at the camera
a 6 month old baby boy laughing  on a brown blanket
6 month old little girl in a tutu and headband
a little girl dressed as a baker in a little apon and hat, with a wooden spoon and bowl.
the remains of a cake smash, and how blue bubs feet became.
a 4 month old baby smiling
little boy with cake on his face and finger during a cake smash.
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