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After Covid-19

The last couple of months have been a little unusual with the country having to go into lock down over covid 19. With restrictions starting to ease and us slowly going back to normal, I am taking things still seriously, and this is why I am implementing new policies into the studio.

1. I will have hand sanitizer just as you come in the front door of the studio. Hand sanitizer will still be used regularly by me.

2. I will be asking parents to limit the amount of people that come into the studio to only immediate family members. Only parents and sibling will be allowed.

3. There will be at least 24 hours between clients.

4. The studio will be deep cleaned between clients. All props and fabrics will be washed and sanitized.

5. If you or your loved ones feel sick, please reschedule. Also if you have been out of the country or around any one who is sick, please stay home. I will reschedule if I or anyone in my family is ill.

6. You will be ask take your shoes off and leave them outside.

You and your family is my top priority. I plan to put in as many polices as I need to keep you and your people safe. I am only offering a lifestyle session for newborns until the social distancing has eased. I am still offering Maternity, families and children as I can keep my distance, we are also now allowed to go freely outside, which is fantastic as we can shoot on the beach or in a park.

I really hope everyone has stayed safe over that last couple of months.

I can't wait to see you all again.

Deb xx


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