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The Rew Family

In 2020 Sarah found me at the Nth Qld Kids and baby Market. She was pregnant and explained to me how she and her husband Carl had done IVF, and after 2 egg collections and 9 rounds of IVF failed. They were referred for Surrogacy and met a lady and her husband in Emerald with 4 boys who after 6 months of getting to know each other, they offered to be their surrogate. Sarah started the process of doing another egg collection for her surrogate and on the day She was to start injections again She found out she was pregnant.

On March the 9th their miracle Ethan James, (EJ for short) was born. When Ethan enter the world he had a few little problems and had to go to Townsville Hospital, after a month in NICU, he was given the all clear and got to come home. And it wasn't long after this that I got to meet him.

Sarah and I had her session planned, she told me that she wanted to include the photos of her eggs. Together we came up with this photo.

This photo is a reminder of the loss, the struggle and pain, but also the joy, happiness, and to have their hearts filled with love. As they got to have the most precious gift given.

But their story doesn't end there. 3 months after having little Ethan, Sarah and Carl found out they were pregnant again. This time with a little girl. She was due on the 21st of April. But she couldn't wait that long and made her way into the world a few week early, Matilda Rose arrived on the 4 April 2022. weight 2.5kg, length 47.5cm. And looks just like her brother.

Matilda and Sarah were health and were home in the following 24 hours. Once she was home we arranged to do the photos for Matilda.

Even through Ethan was only a year old, I couldn't believe how well he went having his photo taken with Matilda. Of course we had both Mum and Dad as spotters (person who makes sure the baby is safe) but Ethan was such a little trooper and didn't need one.

Ethan so proud to be a big brother.

It it has been such a pleasure capturing this beautiful little family and learning their story.

Deb xx


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